Corporate name : Voice4girls

Number of beneficiaries : 150 girl students

Duration : 1 year

Communities : Urban

Location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India, , , ,


5 – Gender Equality, 4 – Quality Education

Area of work :

Education, Children Education, Children Care


Majority of the Indian population sends their children to Government schools. This is true even in cities, and these Government Schools form the backbone of the children’s development. According to the latest ASER report, 70% of children in India go to Government Schools. Since most of them are first generation learners, families of such children are ill equipped to provide necessary guidance for their education at home. In addition, rote-learning practices in traditional schooling system do not encourage experiential learning, nor foster creative thinking. Most children lack basic foundation and not at the learning level they should be. They have minimal exposure outside of academic topics and Schools do not provide suitable environment for their emotional development.


The concept of School Transformation is based on the foundation that ●Equal importance should be given to all aspects of the curriculum ●Learning is not restricted to a curriculum. It should extend to help holistic and balanced development of a child ●One learning style doesn’t work for all. Learning should involve visual, auditory and experiential methods ●Learning does not stop at school and it can happen anywhere and any time ●Child’s development should also cover emotional and social development We offer a wide variety of academic inputs and non-academic exposure to children from an early age so that they do well not only in studies, but also learn about themselves, discover their interests and abilities so that they can take ownership of their lives with awareness and with confidence. Through this we hope to bring about individuals who are capable, confident, inquisitive and value aware, individuals who have the potential to become change agents in the society.


Various phases of the school transformation are Phase I – Critical Infrastructure Addressing any urgent and critical Infrastructural needs, especially those related to health, hygiene and safety of the children, such as build/repair the toilets and providing safe drinking water, providing, basic teaching aids such as blackboards, stationery and basic furniture such as benches for students, chairs and tables for teachers in the classroom. Further any infrastructural needs such as compound wall, playground, kitchen etc can be looked into that create a safe, hygienic and child friendly learning environment in the school. Phase II: Steps to improve the quality of education • Providing adequate teaching staff • Multimedia Teaching • Digital Literacy • Teacher Training • Employee Participation Phase III: Extra curricular activities for Holistic development Phase IV: community involvement and empowerment

Other information related to project

Eventually we try to become the consultant advisors for overall development of children in schools. The quality of education in these schools, can be accelerated by introducing multimedia learning and digital learning in schools. This would greatly enhance the learning levels of the children. In today’s world digital literacy is not just “nice to have” but a critical skill needed for the govt school children to perform well and compete with private school children when they graduate. So it is imperative to ensure that these children in future are not a disadvantage compared to their peers in the more elite schools. The quality and capability of teachers is a very important factor in the learning levels of the children. ILP believes it is worthy to invest in training the teachers. ILP will in collaboration with Project ECHO facilitate online training and mentoring for the teachers in these Govt Schools for a year.