Vocational Training Center for Women

Corporate name : Nirmaan Organization

Number of beneficiaries : 550

Duration : One Year

Communities : Urban

Location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India, , ,


4 – Quality Education, 8 – Decent work and economic growth, 5 – Gender Equality

Area of work :

Women Employment, Vocational Education, Livelihoods, Financial Upliftment, Education


-Women are not able to come out for training due to lack of family support & Family insecurity -Balance time to match the training and taking care of school going children -Lack of family support, health problems leading to delays and postponement in career/ income earning and need to balance family responsibilities with economical goals. Nirmaan is currently working in this sphere in Hyderabad and Pune.


To provide skills and confidence to women economically weaker families and help them achieve economic and social independence


Vocational Training Center aims for social empowerment of women from economically underprivileged communities through economic empowerment. Nirmaan follows a model of Train – Transform – Triumph to implement its activities under this project. Income generation linked trainings are conducted for women as per their interests and current market demand. During the course of the training, various activities are conducted to increase their self esteem and confidence and to create awareness about avenues available to women wrt legal, financial, social support etc. Nirmaan also ensures hand holding in leading women’s success through placements, market-linkages & social support-linkages post training with periodical review. Provide funding support for setting up and operating a center for vocational training of women. The amount will be utilized for the training equipment, infrastructure, trainings/collaborations and human resource costs.