Tharuni Swecha Cycle to School Programme for Girls”onclick=”alert(4)”

Corporate name : Tharuni

Number of beneficiaries : 74″onclick=”alert(4)”

Duration : 1 year

Communities : Urban

Location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India, , , , , ,


4 – Quality Education, 5 – Gender Equality

Area of work :

Children Education, Women Empowerment, Women Welfare, Women Rights, Girl child education


The Census 2011 states that the dropout rate of girls in Telangana is 38.21%, which is quite worrying. Lack of safety, Mobility and the fear of being eve-teased are the main reasons for girls to discontinue school. The dropped out girls either end up married before the legal age or struggle as Child Labourers. Even worse, they are trafficked. Education is their only means to challenge the odds, and “Cycle to School” is making it a reality!


To donate as many bicycles to girls from poor families, in order to facilitate their dream of pursuing education without any hassles. The cycles will help instill a sense of independence in the girls, and their school-going journey will be safer, faster and only better!


To help more girls go to school daily, Tharuni, through its “Cycle to School” initiative aims to donate at least 500 bicycles a year to girls from economically poor families. No more travel hassles, as they will be more independent and empowered in their fight for education. The Cycle to School initiative prevents not only school dropouts, but also eventual child labour and child marriage of the girls, and potentially stops trafficking.