Support Special Education for Children with Hearing Impairment

Corporate name : Ashray Akruti Number of beneficiaries : 550 Duration : One Year Communities : Urban
Location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


4 – Quality Education

Area of work :

Education, Hearing Challenged, Children Education, Children Care


The needs for children with special needs have not been met adequately in the countries like India. There are several unique techniques and methods to be followed in imparting education to children with special needs. At first teachers of such children has to be equipped with special training too. The mothers of the students should also be empowered and motivated for raising children with special needs. Because of all these complexities there are very few institutions who are willing to provide quality education to children with special needs.


  • To provide a comprehensive instructional program from Nursery through high school.
  • To Provide Hearing evaluation and appropriate hearing aids
  • To provide speech therapy and auditory training
  • To provide counseling services to students and parents
  • To encourage parental involvement and understanding of special education programs.
  • To provide support and services for the students to enable them to access higher education


Ashray Akruti has been rendering services in the field of special education over the last two decades. The institute now caters to the maximum number of children through five of its centers. Ashray Akruti bagged the ‘BEST NGO’ award from the Government of Telangana in the year 2016 for its exemplary services and rendering quality work with commitment, dedication, and hard work in the field of Special Education. The education system has been defined in a holistic manner to address the needs of the children. The manpower that the organization has also makes it unique from the other organizations, namely, Audiologists, Special educators, Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, etc. The Organization has specialized rehabilitation staff such as Audiologists, speech therapists, special educators, auditory verbal therapists, and other mentioned staff such as Project coordinators, Project Management specialists offering professional support to the children. The Organization has modern scientific screening, and diagnostic equipment to provide the best of the best services in the country The Project addresses the issues of the children with special needs through the following activities: • Special education and rehabilitation – Ashray Akruti provides quality special education to the special children from the age between 12-15 years. Special educators take care of academics and their overall development.
  • Providing hearing Aids – The children who suffer from profound and severe hearing disabilities are provided free hearing aids from the hearing clinic. This is to help children listen and experience sounds which in turn help them in speech. Note: Hearing Aids will be given to children by purchasing using non State Street funds.
  • Providing speech therapy – The speech therapist takes care of improving the speaking skills of the speech of hearing impaired children.
  • Providing Auditory training – Auditory training is provided to kids who have trouble processing what they hear. Through this, the children are made to learn to listen.
  • Providing Computer education – To train children with basic computer skills that will help them in bettering their future.
  • Providing Arts & Crafts/ Vocational training – Through vocational training children will become more creative and well – rounded personalities.