Ready for the World

Corporate name : Learning Curve Life Skills Foundation

Number of beneficiaries: 7000

Duration: One Year

Communities: Urban

Location : , Hyderabad, Telangana, India, , , Telangana, India


4 – Quality Education

Area of work :

Urban Slum, Slum Children, Education, Children’s Education


• There are millions of children in India today who are unlikely to achieve equitable adulthood and life outcomes due to lack of overall development • While the education system focuses on intellectual development, social and emotional development in classroom practice is missing from both public and private education systems in India today • It is known that social and emotional development directly influences academic achievement and adulthood outcomes such as responsible behavior & workforce readiness • This is particularly urgent for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who face uneven development through their lives • Teachers in low income community schools are recruited locally, and struggle with being able to engage with children and deal with issues such as aggressiveness, stress and other high-risk behaviors


• Build social-emotional skills for 8-14-year old children in under resourced schools via the approach of teacher development, providing detailed life skills curriculum, toolkits and scripted lesson plans for use in classrooms by the teachers • Develop teacher capability through regular workshops and teacher mentorship throughout the academic year • Document and evaluate the progress of teachers, children and classrooms using established tools and frameworks


The solution design is based on the principle of interdependent learning between the teacher, child and the classroom environment. The program components are: 1) A structured 2 year teacher development effort built around emotional intelligence, engaging the child, mentoring mindsets, shaping attitudes and adaptability, which is delivered through a combination of 3* 2 day workshops, development plans and 4 mentor touchpoints each year. 2) Deployment of a 7 year social-emotional learning curriculum from Grade 3 to Grade 9 (48 sessions per year) by the teachers in their classrooms supported by a facilitator toolkit, scripted lesson plans for each grade, classroom tools to create engagement in the classroom and monthly support visits to each school/classroom 3) Deployment of environment building tools in the classroom (mood pockets, gratitude boards and emotion kiosks) to create emotionally safe and socially responsible classroom environments