Fellowship Program

Corporate name : Teach To Lead

Number of beneficiaries : 5000

Duration : on going Year on Year

Communities : Urban and rural

Location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India


4 – Quality Education

Area of work :

Children Education, Children Care, Child Rights


The urgency and enormity of India’s educational crisis demands innovative solutions to impact ALL children which stand at 320 million in India. At Teach For India, we believe that addressing the complex challenge of educational inequity is like solving a complex jigsaw puzzle that demands leadership and a collective commitment fueled by innovation. Given the sheer magnitude Teach For India’s vision – one day, all children in India will attain an excellent education – we believe that we must focus on – driving depth and impact through our Fellowship, accelerating the impact and enormous potential of our Alumni, and investing in innovative, replicate, and salable solutions to ensure every child in the country receives an excellent education.


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Since 2009, we have been running a two-year Fellowship program that places Fellows, from top universities and corporates, in schools for low-income students. During the Fellowship, our 900 Fellows understand the complexities of the education on the ground and grow as leaders. As Alumni, they join a growing movement of 3,000 leaders who work at all levels of the system – in schools and communities, in school systems, and at the level of policy to end educational inequity. Over 74% of our Alumni have stayed full-time in education, with a network of 3,000 Alumni who now fuel change in the educational landscape, in schools and communities, in school systems, and at the level of policy to end educational inequity. We not only recruit and select promising leaders, but we also support their leadership journeys as they work to provide India’s children with greater opportunity. Over time, through our programs we accelerate their collective leadership towards an educational equity. These are leaders who, without Teach For India, not only wouldn’t be working in education today, but they also wouldn’t have a community of support to accelerate their journey. By 2022, we aspire to create a 5000 member strong network of leaders in the educational sector, directly and indirectly serving one million children in the country.